Pretty Women

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A game by Pascal Notredame & Stéphane Greif
Photographs by Heather Valentine, Lady Schnaps, Fred Kyrel & Kazim 2C
Illustrated & designed by Silvère Oriat

A daring first game around art, photography, and sensuality.
Thanks to the artists and models

All visuals are not definitive

Pretty Women is the first fully GOTT game, and we’re very proud of it. Women, the nude, art and photography. Everything made us doubt, then everything convinced us. A daring game that will blow your mind, but always with respect. That of women, models, the public and our values.

More details to come soon. On the game, its content, and the artists who participated. In the meantime, we invite you to follow us here and on social media. Finally, invite you to join us today on Kickstarter, for the start of a long and very rich adventure. Together !

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