Le Cri de Rose-Marie

1914, Paris. A fascinating investigation combining music with espionage, and love with war. A formidable enigma, of which you are the detective.

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Comes with a dedication in French by the author 😎
This game is only in French

A game by Pascal Notredame
Illustration by Sophie Gerl et Silvère Oriat
Design by Silvère Oriat
Edited by Petit joueur

Le Cri de Rose-Marie is an original and beautiful playbook illustrated by Sophie Gerl.

Today we call on you, and your recognized talents as a detective, to solve a very strange case. A particularly thorny ancient mystery and above all never elucidated: Le Cri de Rose-Marie.

Remember a little over a century ago. It made the headlines of all the newspapers. A terrible accident took place at Castafiore, in Rose-Marie’s own lodge. The most beautiful, the most famous and the most French singer. The affair in high places was quickly hushed up, for fear of its possible implication, and of the scandal which could have been immense. A few days later the First World War broke out.

What really happened behind the scenes at the Castafiore?

This game is only in French.

Some archives

Goal of the game

  1. Read the Engagement Letter then the ten questions
  2. Browse the documents in the order you want
  3. Look for the clues and piece together the puzzle
  4. Find the solution alone or by using the forum


28 different documents

Contains all the necessary material

This playbook is sufficient to lead the investigation and solve the riddle. It contains 28 very different documents and magnificent illustrations signed Sophie Gerl.

To progress, all you need is this playbook, your intelligence, your sense of observation, a lot of curiosity, but also a little intuition and imagination.

Coming soon: the official solution

This game is only in French

The Rose-Marie Forum

Need a hand with your investigation? Want to share your clues or play in a group?
Visit the Rose-Marie Forum (in French):

The de Rose-Marie Forum 

The rewards

A first award was awarded to Detective Dupondt. She salutes all of her work on the Rose-Marie Forum. His interim solution, titled “Dupondt takes the plunge” is fun and very well written. It is also the most complete to date. However, a small part of the mystery still remains. This is why a second reward is always in play, for the one who completes his solution.

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The official solution

The official solution will be available for free on our site in PDF format.
See you at the Cannes International Games Festival in February 2022.


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19,90 €
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Comes with a dedication in French by the author 😎

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